Thursday, January 31, 2013


Salesmen are always taught that people do not like to be sold, but people like buying! How so true! People are always in the need of buying something. I do not know of anybody who doesn't like buying. 

In other words, if I can get something that someone can buy on a daily basis...if I can solve a problem, or add value to someone or an organization, then am in business.

With Solving Problems, EVERYONE can be in charge
It is imperative that as we develop our life signatures, we never should veer from that same old focus of others.  We have said it here again and again that the highest form of existence is to provide value to others. Legacies are never selfish. Legacies are always people-centered!

The message of others is two-fold:

  1. First, providing solutions to other peoples problems is a sure way of cementing a life signature and getting back value in terms of cash.
  2. Secondly, the accumulation of wealth is never for selfish gain, but for the betterment of other people in society.
A visionary is always striving to be in the second bracket, and eventually it happens that they get there.

There is this small exercise that can help a visionary, if practised on a daily basis. Each day, each week or month or year, there is always a problem to solve. I am not talking about solving other people's problems. I am talking about solving personal problems.

The reason as to why many people are unhappy is because they are not solving problems. They are shelving them, waiting for something grand to happen...others are waiting for time to elapse...and with it, the problems. Worry is normally an exercise of wishing the problem was never there, yet it is.

Problem tackling on the other hand gives a visionary power to choose how to handle the issue at hand. It puts you right in the drivers seat. That driver's seat is normally hot...and that is why people get paid. We have encouraged people here on Life Signatures of the need to embrace the pain, the embarrassment, the discomfort of problem solving.

One of the biggest recipes for personal growth is daily solving personal problems

I heard someone say that the reason as to why they were more successful than their peers is because they stay with problems longer.

On a daily basis, if we can delve into answering the questions of life specifically through brain-storming, we will find that we become more creative. Inherently, we get so attracted to conflict like an adventurer normally is to new frontiers. In no time, more and more people notice how VALUEable we have become.

Do not tell me that there is nothing to unaccomplished vision or desire at the moment. There is. If not, you need to be in the cemetery...dead and buried.

If we could just spare at least two hours daily analysing a problem...documenting all the necessary solutions to it, and taking action without fear of embarrassment....nothing can stop us!

Have a problematic week, wont you?

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