Monday, December 3, 2012


“I've seen unproven upstarts riding in style, While experienced veterans are put out to pasture.” Solomon
A most recent theme that I have been writing about is that the world has changed so much from the day it began. That is a given, it goes without saying.

There are those days where some people deserved privileges. There are those days where others still were entitled to privileges. Look at the royals…all they needed to do to be entitled was to be born.
Now, there is a difference between being entitled and really possessing that which you are entitled to. It is kind of like respect. I used to have a boss that I had little respect for. Respect works in a way that by virtue of her being a boss, she was automatically entitled to my respect. She was in authority, I was answering to her, and she was responsible for guiding and giving me direction.

However, after that, respect is never automatic. It is earned. Ever heard someone say, “I lost respect for them?”
Everyone born of a woman is entitled to success. We are all entitled to live, matter and leave legacies. There is no exemption.
Indeed, there are some people who go a step higher than being born and actually do prepare so that they can become more entitled than others. Some create networks, some have what we call technical know who, still some earn degrees and ascend to higher levels of learning. It is all in a bid to increase the level of entitlement.
Yet there has always been a gap between entitlement and possession. That is why Solomon of old, that wise man from the East said that he has seen princes walk on foot and servants riding horses…
I have seen people that think am an absolute genius heading powerful corporate departments while I struggle to be relevant in society. I know of people who have heavy responsibilities in the corporate world come to me for help in a thing or two. They are earning serious dough at the end of the month, and I can only admire from afar.
The very boss who lost my respect some years back, I knew I could do far much better than she was. I was entitled…she was in possession. That is why you will always here this thing that life is never fair. It is true.
It is that great revolutionary Jesus Christ who said, “…The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force…” That statement is so on point and I know it applies to every person from each tribe, race, creed, gender and religious persuasion.

It is a violent world. You never possess it by being entitled…you have got to do something more than being entitled.

The doctrine of being entitled has people showing up with accolades and expecting doors to be opened for them on that basis alone. It has someone showing up with a Degree and look down on others without one, telling them that they are more entitled than them.

The results are always astounding. Solomon was right. The princes who show up thinking they are entitled are always trumped by the peasants who show up hungry, and violent. We spoke recently of having a thick skin and not giving a monkey what people think. That means you can be as gross as you want to be because you so badly want the chance.

So this is the way to go: As long as you are providing a solution to makes no difference whether you are entitled to their audience, their acceptance, their hand in business by virtue of one thing or another. Solutions will trump any facade of the entitlement gospel. People do not care who you are, until they know that you can supply them what they want....

Have a solution providing week, won't you?

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