Friday, December 28, 2012


"The Men who have Succeeded are Men who have Chosen O N E Line... & STUCK TO IT!" ~Andrew Carnegie 

Time for new year resolutions. Most people look forward to the new year because it gives us a new psychological start. In fact, most people cannot wait to dump the disappointments and disillusionment of the year past. They looking forward for something new.

Here is the challenge, unless the old is done away with...we have no business looking to replace it with the new. We need closure before we can move on. You cannot move on well in building a life signature if you you have pending issues in your life.

What was not accomplished through the folly of procrastination this year cannot and should not be dumped ostensibly to take up a new challenge. It is folly. It is a will find that even with the new challenge, the same old personal punch that took you out is still strong, smarting from the previous defeat.

Some of these previous attempts are now laced with shame and embarrassment, and the best people want to do with such is shun them. No one wants to be associated with failed attempts and embarrassing situations. At least at face value, every human being wants to navigate very fast away from these things.

Now that is the biggest problem that we face. I dare say that this is why very many people fall into this trap of new year resolutions. Its an emotional euphoria that cheats you to pamper your failures and dump them, then pick up brand new challenges. This seldom works!

Let me offer some suggestions. Take an example of reading a self help book. You have no business reading another book if you have not implemented at least three quarters of what you are just reading or just read has suggested. In fact, I dare say you have no responsibility doing that.

I could say this: It is much more fruitful to read one book the whole year and implement each and every nugget that it gives. Take a book like 'Think And Grow Rich'. That is an old gem. If a life signatures visionary would just dwell on this book from January to December in 2013, read no other book, but on a daily basis, live a life that is relevant and espouses the nuggets of this book, you will be a bigger achiever in 2013 than those who have read 12 books a month and done nothing!

Knowledge is good, yet useless without action. In 2013, let us ruthlessly implement all the revelations that we have in the immediate now before sniffing around for more. In developing your life signatures, it is the action we take on our life signatures that will make us grow more than the more we seek to know.

Incidentally, I have found out that when we zero in on one aspect of a nugget and start implementing it, there is so much more to learn in it. In turn we become authorities in the subject. Authorities are heavier than experts...and authorities are what people are looking for.

In line of this, I propose that you find a theme for 2013 that your life is going to revolve around.Take some time and really, I mean really think about this.

That is the call for 2013. Will you answer it?

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