Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Nobody loves set-backs, well unless of course you have trained yourself to love them. We all love to try something and it works. We all love to plant and reap. We love to go to the ATM, punch the codes and walk out with cash.

In developing Life Signatures though, I have come to cherish the aspect of life having other plans contrary to ours. The human being always loves to be in control. We love to be in control of what we are getting, where our lives are going.

Failure Should not be the Undertaker
That scenario involves being in control of time. Many movies have been made espousing the concept of time travel. It just tells you how we wish we could control everything and thereby dictate the outcome of all our input.

The very fact that we are not in ultimate control of each and everything makes failure part and parcel of our lives. We do not know what weather will come out tomorrow...we do not know if the Bank Loan will come through, we do not know if the debtors will pay up. We do not know if the readers will read or the buyers will buy.

Here is the thing: The only way we can know is to do something about it. Life is structured in such a way to provide feedback against what action we take. We are seldom on point even after years of strategizing. We can always do better. That is how incapacitated we are as human beings.

And that is why I love going back to the drawing board, especially in our quest to develop our life signatures. Someone who wants to quit smoking might find themselves very many times back at the drawing board. The same applies to a visionary what it applies to an addict.

The point of the whole process is never to discourage us. We need to learn to be patient with ourselves and that small P word called process. Every time we find ourselves back at the drawing board, we are never without information of what happened last time we ventured out.

I need to salute every person out there who are back to the drawing board. Yes it is painful, but it is not empty. Some people are languishing at the drawing board thinking that it is the end of the world. No it is not! It is a punctuation. You went out the first time. Would you go back out there again?

Who knows? You might be back at the drawing board, or you might be headed all the way to the bank. There is only one way to be sure...embrace the drawing board whoever uncomfortable it is. Comfort, I have come to find out is the biggest enemy of success.

Pain, hard work, disappointments, setbacks, failure and all the negatives of our inspired actions towards success are the breeding grounds for life signatures. So you might just be in good company if you are going through one of this, albeit with the correct perspective of drawing board mechanisms.

What I am saying though is that we need to learn never to stay at that drawing board every time we either have been forced back there or we have taken ourselves willingly. We need to rise up once again...and again...and again. We might need to come back here many times...that is the mark of progress being made, of life signatures being structured.

Do not give up. Go!

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