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"It is what you really see that will determine what you will get" ~ Life Signatures

We have evolved big time! I have always asked this question: Would you rather that the human race appeared on earth at once showing off iPads, iMac, iPhones, iPods and all these great gadgets of technology, than go through the processes we have gone through all these six thousand years?
That would be an interesting discussion. There are two major industries that are going hand in hand these days: the Coaching Industry and the Technology world. Guess what both agree on? It is that statement WYSIWYG. A professor of mine calls it ‘Wiswig’, which stands for “What You See Is What You Get”.  In the computer world, they add another thing called ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’, GIGO in short. Now, the reason as to why I am saying that what you see is not what you get has to do little with input, but a lot with potential. Focus is a powerful word. It is one of my labels in most of my blog posts.

The word potential however is so vast that I could literally spend months of Sundays talking about it. When you look at potential from the angle of ‘what you see is not what you get’, there is some kind of ‘deliverance’ that comes your way. Let me explain. Few years ago, a certain Senator of the United States of America visited Kenya. He spoke straight up and freely what he thought about the governing conditions of that country. Of course that did not go down well with the powers that be, and using their ‘mouthpiece’ (by the way, I wonder where this guy went!), Alfred Mutua more or less rubbished this senator and in a ‘diplomatic’ tone, told him off.

#ThatAwkwardMoment when the rubbished senator becomes the US presidents few years later, and poor old Alfred Mutua has to give explanations of what he really meant years back! That more or less makes my point. What you see is not what you get. But why is that? Simple; You are not God Almighty! The same principle applies to seeds. When you look at a seed…what do you see? You see a seed! But what do you really ‘see’? What you really see is in fact what you will get. So, when you look at a seed, you really ought to see a forest and not a tree!

I hope you are following. What do you really see in your life now? A certain young guy came to my facebook chat over the weekend seeking some financial aid. He tells me that he is a talented guy studying art in one of the prestigious arts institutions in Nairobi. Of course I could not help him due to where I was in relation to where he was, I asked him to seek help nearby.
Few days later on, he comes back to my facebook and paints a grim picture. Here is how the conversation went:

Him: me i'm not cool.
Me: it happens man...you will be just fine...not being cool is only temporary i assure you
Him: stop saying that dude, i'm serious here!
Me: So am I my friend…unless of course you wanna be in that condition forever?
Him: no!
Me: Great, so my point still stands. Let me ask you...are you talented in art...or you are skilled?
Him: i'm talented in art of course. why are you asking!
Me: because its time you started earning from it, don't you think?
Him: *audible silence…logs off. Maybe had power issues or internet bundle ran out*

Unbeknown to this guy, I need just about 10 illustrations to be included in my new book, “Permission For Greatness”. I have been shopping around for quotes and I can tell you this: that guy is seated on a gold mine! What does he really see in himself? And that my friend is the million dollar question. That question is not just directed to that guy. It is directed to all of us. What do we really  see? Am talking about looking deep into our God-given potential, taking it and multiplying with time…what do we really see?
What you actually see today is not necessarily what you will get tomorrow. What you see today are just facts: Jobless, homeless, rejected, alone, starving, ‘no man’, ‘no woman’, no money, no opportunities, no degree, no ‘godfather’, no expertise. Sadly, most people stop right there in their ‘vision’. They make conclusions of tomorrow based on the sad facts of today, and not on the true potential of tomorrow that offers ‘boundless possibilities’. Is it any wonder that we are warned not to despise the days of humble beginnings?

Most probably, what this guy on facebook is seeing right now is that if I cannot bail him out, I should stop asking him ‘maswali za clinic’, that is Swahili for ‘useless questions’. (I am not sure why Swahili is in English…but I digress). My point today is that we have got to start seeing with ‘eyes of opportunity’ than with the eyes of facts and reality. That does not mean we negate reality, it simply means we choose to seek out the best. I have had multiplied missed opportunities because I did not really see, but I just ‘saw’. In the words of Rafiki in Lion King, you have got to ‘see beyond what you can see’. I hope this makes sense.
Have a telescopic week, wont you?

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