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"How will money in the hand of the foolish get him wisdom, seeing that he has no sense? "~Proverbs 17:16 (BBE) 

Let me ask you a question. What is the best time to shop for a car? Now, this is not a trick question. It is an important Life Signatures question. What is the best time to shop for nice sofa sets and curtains? Let me tell you when: The best time to shop for stuff is when you have no dime in the pocket! You know why? You tend to be very objective and you tend to have lots of time and patience to get the best at the perfect price. Woe to you if you had MONEY enough to purchase your type of car...and you have not taken time to shop around. I assure you that the first car dealership you enter, you will drive away with a vehicle. Then later on after the 'itch' you had to get that vehicle has been satisfied, you will start realizing that you could have waited longer, you could have shopped more, you could have compared prizes more...you could have gotten a better deal!

 Have you ever had this statement: "I wish I had the money...I would..." The flip side of my earlier question is this. Very many people are hand-cuffed in the illusion that without cash, they can do nothing. So you do not find people shopping for where they wanna go or what they want to own...because they have no cash right now. You find a visionary like me not writing a book...'because I have no cash to publish'. Isnt that just pretty myopic? Honestly speaking...the many things that we abdicate doing, do they really need cash? How much cash do I need to finish a manuscript? How much cash do I need to put a magazine together before it is published? How much cash do you need to do something about that thing that you are passionate about right now? Hardly a dime in most cases!!

Yes, in the end, I will need the cash for my website, my new books, and all the projects of Life Signatures...but that is just that...IN THE END. Which tells you that we can do something NOW with the fire within us...even when there are no VISIBLE funds to bring the project to completion. Look at it this way. There is a big passionate visionary, whose vision is to finance all the 'stalled' Life Signatures projects. All he wants is to see the passion, and the project...and inject in the finances. Pray tell me...do you think he will finance whatever vision is in your ka-head? Hardly! Do you think he will finance the invisible project? However passionate you are about it, if you have not done what you are in control of right now, you will not be in luck. In fact, If he was financing my book, he will very well like to read my manuscript. Now...where is that manuscript? Do not tell me you don't have it since you did not know where money to print it will come from! Break those illusionary handcuffs off of you that tell you you can do nothing until cash shows up! Cash hardly shows up where there is nothing!

I hope we understand the gist of this message. Stop sitting on your laurels because you do not see the end of your project right now. You are not God Almighty! He's the Only one able to see the end from the beginning with all dimensions. Our calling is to take charge of what is in our domain right now. Do not say you cannot sing because you do not have money. Money does not make your voice smooth...practise does!

It is difficult to talk about Life Signatures without touching that subject of the all mighty dollar. It takes provision to finance a Visionary's dreams. Yet I have come to realize that money is simply the grease, the oil that makes the machinery synergize. Without cash, it is impossible to bring the vision to fruition. Yet, the cash is not Paramount! Without the vision, forget about the cash! What do you need the cash for?

All visionaries should come to that place where they have no dime to finance their vision. In fact, very few visionaries really start out with all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Much as it would be OK to have everything in place for our dreams and Visions, I prefer that we only have the seeds, the concept of the dream. This way, we can do all there is to do that is within our control for the sake of the vision. In fact, how badly are we passionate about the dream? It will show when we keep on believing despite the seeming 'lack' of money. Listen, the other way of spelling money is V.A.L.U.E. All you have at the moment without the money, is to add concept after concept to the dream thus building multiple VALUE. Then when the money comes (It shall surely come, I tell you), you will then move with utmost speed. Remember the Chinese bamboo that is watered for four years even before it sprouts from the ground then shoots up to 45 Meters High in two months? That is the VALUE I am talking about.

The worth of an individual or a vision is not the amount of money in the petty cash box right now. This statement is deep and worthy of a retake. My worth is not necessarily my money...that can get lost tomorrow. That is why misplaced elements will always shoot at you when you exude passion about your dream, "Yeah, but where is the money?" They are gauging the progress of your dream and Vision with how much money you have to throw around. Just because there could be no PHYSICAL cash to show of your efforts right now does not mean you abandon the vision to something that brings in QUICK CASH. There is nothing like quick cash. It is a fantasy. Real steady flowing income more or less follows VALUE. I do not necessarily need Cash to build VALUE do I?

Have a week full of VALUE wont you?

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  1. man i hav liked every bit of this article........
    "Without cash, it is
    impossible to bring the
    vision to fruition and without the vision, forget
    about the cash" best phrase


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