Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"Familiarity breeds contempt" ~An English saying (I think)
Ladies and Gentlemen, the biggest lesson I have learnt in the first quarter of this year is this: There is a place for everyone's passion in this world. However queer, irrelevant, weird and pitiful it might seem to 'others', as long as that passion comes from deep down the core of your heart and spirit, there is a place for it in the world. Yeah, even a place to serve the world.

One big problem that dreamers and master visionaries face in the initial stages of life is this: the Validity of their dreams. You find them always will it look like in the real world? And so you find someone kind of looking down on an Idea that they have because they think it will not be 'accepted' in this world. I tell you what? A vision is a vision. It is much better for it to be weird and done than to be cute and undone.

That being said, there is another major trap that plagues very many people. This is what I have called the 'trap of the familiar'. If you remember the story  of Jesus Christ, you would notice that He could not perform miracles in is home town. Guess why? The trap of that which is familiar kept his folks from believing that He was more of a Miracle Worker than a carpenter's son. I tell you what? The trap of that which is familiar works every day, and creeps up on us, stealing our ideas and dreams. This is how it works: You get this passion or this Idea about something...but the fact that 'you do not sweat it', you kind of think "Arrgh...what the heck, it is ONLY that". For some reason, we expect to work, sweat, with smoke coming out of our ears out of serious thinking, before we can take an Idea seriously. I have had some writings done in the recent past that I thought, "Oh well, I just filled up some space today...I didn't feel that post at all!"...only for comments to come in thanking me for that very post that I thought had no place. The trap of the familiar. At some point in time, I did not post a single message on this blog for weeks, until I started receiving phone calls and emails, people asking, "What's up? You don't write no more?"

We expect to follow something because it is grandoise...but we shun the important things that resonate with our hearts, since they do not have any signs of grandiose. Writers would relate with this: Have you ever gone back to your 'drawing board' or 'recycle bin' and re-read some of the things you were toying with? You normally exclaim! I have asked myself sometimes, "Whoa, who in the world was that writing? What was he thinking? Was that me?" And guess what? I am exclaiming at stuff that I have unearthed from guess where? My rubbish bin!
It is time to restore some files from the 'recycle bin' people. Look, if it matters to you, I guarantee you that it matters to the world. There is a place for it in this world. It could very well be the basis of your Life Signatures. Think about it for a you receive these mighty ideas of revolution on a daily basis? Hardly! In fact, if you do not take charge of the small 'familiar' ideas you have already received, you start losing the IDEAS.FM network.
One of the most dangerous killers of potential and dreams is that thing called PRESUMPTION. People do nothing because they presume. People let down their guard because they presume. People presume because  they are too familiar with their idea or potential. Presuming people especially on their own selves end up being so scornful of what they end up seeing in the market place what was once their ideas...and guess what? They still do nothing. This leads to absolute contempt, seeing only the negatives in something than the positive potential it has. A man was killed by guess who? God Himself, because he was presumptious. We have already discussed about leveraging on what is already existing in the market yet still resonates within one's gut.

Friend, could there be death in your life because of familiarity? Could presumption be wasting away your skills, potential, dreams, vision? Only you can find out.

Have a contempt-free week, wont you?

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