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The essence of the connection revolution is that it rewards those who connect, stand out, and take what feels like a chance~ Seth Godin

Some of you might be familiar with a Visionary called Mike Murdock. What you might not know is that he once followed me on @twitter. I never used to be serious those days. I could be careless with my tweets. Sometimes I could mix nice Life Signatures stuff with non sensical jokes. There was this day that I posted one of the most 'heavy' tweets concerning Life Signatures. I was quoting the founder of Experts Academy Brendon Burchard who says: and in the end, Did I love, Did I Live, Did I matter?

It seems to me like Dr. Murock was so much intrigued by that quote that he immediately Retweeted it to his 50,000 plus following. What happened right after that is that very many people started following me on Twitter immediately. I had a King Maker in the name of Dr. Murdock...yet I had no content! As you would imagine, all those followers started dumping me like a dog ridding itself of fleas. Reason? I was not deep, I did not have content.

In our day and age, we have glorified the Idea of ‘Technical Know Who' as the sole method of elevating us to the next level. I must admit friends that we are all in a web of connections and those connections are critical to where we are going and what we need to accomplish. In fact, for a good measure, there is a project I am championing that spells this fact strongly. Think about it...have you ever been in a mess? Have you ever been in a dire situation once in your life? Aren’t we able to trace your 'breakthrough' to a connection somewhere? I am almost sure that that is the case. Then again, have you ever had that major break in your life that surely defines who you are from that moment? Most probably, we can still link that break more to your connections than to your skills.

People are always on the lookout for a King Maker. You go speak somewhere, and at the end of your talk, you are flooded with people wielding their business cards. Some think you can do business together, which is OK, some think you can elevate them to an opening that they have been looking for all their life...which is still OK. You see, there are two things that are critical to this King Maker business. The first thing is TRUST. I have seen business empires built specifically on that word...TRUST. I read somewhere that America's foremost Motivator Zig Ziglar went dinning at some place in his hometown...he received so much benefit to the currency of his mum's name. They as much told him that his mum's name was enough, like money.

The next thing that is critical to this King Maker business is VALUE. Remember my Mike Murdock encounter? Let me say this: I am one of the proponents of Personal Branding, and I have spoken to several groups on the same. We all need King Makers in our lives...and of course we all need those trusted connections that will help us in our Life Signatures. However, it makes no way for us to be as empty as a desert in terms of our VALUE ADD in life while at the same time thinking that a single connection will do the trick. What King Maker wants to be recognized with a valueless lackadaisical character? What King Maker will front a vision-less, purpose-less, salary-seeking individual? Trust finds its light where value has been built. The two go hand in hand. That being said, it is almost difficult to trust someone you have just met to the level of dealing with them, unless of course they show ‘passionate value’ to their cause.

I have found out that instead of seeking for a King Maker, I would rather start giving value to just one person around me. A neighbor, a friend, an acquaintance and so on. Two things will happen. First, I will have the opportunity to refine my VALUE. Great value is built over time with myriads of reviews. Now that statement is worth a double take...The second thing that happens is that that one person, when thrilled and served well by my value add will no doubt tell their wife...or their neighbour. Before long, my deserted diary gets filled up a month upfront! Then when a King Maker with a bigger influence shows up, I already have a foundation. That is the need no Masters Degree to achieve this.

It says in Proverbs: Do you see a man SKILLED in what he does? He will not stand before obscure men, but before Kings. So this is the reverse order. Instead of people frantically looking for King Makers, it is important that we be about our businesses with diligence. It is important. Instead of complaining that people from other tribes are being preferred, we had better spend time building our 'content', or VALUE. There is a group of individuals in Uganda who are soliciting for one million people to March to the capital for 'Uganda's liberation'. They have been doing this politicization on Facebook and each time I see their message, I challenge them with a question: What is your VISION? Who are you guys? What are you offering? For the most part, this complaining bunch's sole mission is to unseat the status quo. Then what? See, that is what we need to sort out first before we can seek prominence. Prominence in my estimation comes from relevance. I had a minute of prominence when Dr. Murdock elevated me, and lost it immediately since I lacked relevance.
The King Makers will most definitely come our way. They always do. In fact with VALUE in our foundations, King Makers will be pointing us out instead of us seeking them out. Again, let me say this: Our success in life will not necessarily depend on us seeking King Makers. On the exact contrary, our success in life comes when we focus on building our brand and value.

Are you seeking for a break in your Life Signatures? You are the King Maker! Get started by building worthy content, as you slowly gather connection that will help you nurture your Life Signatures. There are many King Makers in this world full of connections, yet the foremost King Maker is ourselves.

Have a King Size week day wont you?

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