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Believe me, there is such a thing as a spark in everyone's soul. I feel it deep inside my sanctified gut that nobody comes empty. I dare say that everyone was intended for the better of OTHERS. After all, that is what  Life Signatures are about. My wife had two guys come visiting us, and as we were conversing, I delved into this passionate 'exhortation' about our calling in life~being faithful to that small spark. From that moment on, I knew that this is a seriously major Subject in Life Signatures that would be worthy of a post.

At the expense of sounding annoyingly repetitive and 'copy caty', Myles Munroe has said that the richest places in the world are graveyards. From that you know the greatest regret the world over? Do you know when this regret happens? Let me tell you. The greatest regret that is faced world-wide is when a soul is at its deathbed. You know that the curtain is pulling down on you. For some reason you just know. Yet you also know that the greatest omission of your entire life is not being faithful to the spark. This comes with such finality that is basically unfathomable.

The above scenario is both good news and bad news. Why bad news? Well, there is nothing you can do about the spark on your deathbed. The spark was meant to be fanned in the initial and prime years of your life. Such a sorry state of helplessness. Such a heavy sense of WASTED years even though your life was filled with all the activities, all the motions. Such a heavy sense of regret. Friend, that is the hard knuckled bad news for you. Do you like it? Are you ready for it? It is always forthcoming, unless...

Now, how about some good news? Are you ready? Anyone reading this post today (I encourage you to share this message with as many people as possible) has that proverbial second chance. Well, unless of course you are some kind of dead phantom moving around in cyberspace. My point is here is two fold.
First, YOU are still alive...and therefore you and I have that opportunity to be faithful to the spark. Secondly, the spark is not just that. It is an extremely powerful force that I dare say is older than you. Your spark was here before you were created. In fact, you were created centered around that spark. It is so awesome a power that no amount of heartache, rejection, sin, tribulations, embarrassment, lack, hardship and anything negative from whatever place you can think of can turn it off! It has been rained on by myriads of goods and bads...but friend, the spark still lives on!

Your calling and mine my friend is to be ever faithful to that spark. One thing is for sure here...nobody else can fan your spark to a mighty fire. You know why? Well, because they have their own sparks to fan! On the same token, you cannot fan somebody else's've got your own! Everyone born is called to have a Life Signature, and that calling is to be faithful to the smallest embers of fire that lie within us. This and this alone is one of the most precious treasures in the world...much more precious than the oil that they have just discovered in East Africa. You think nuclear is powerful? Wait until your spark is fanned into a mighty fire!

You see, a wavering spirit is the enemy of success, whose first born is failure. Much as it is OK to try this and that (sometimes we really cannot realize the spark at the first go), eventually we must settle down in life to what really matters. What really matters might not be what the 'system' has said. It might not be what our parents, guardians and teachers have indicated. For the most part, what matters in life is that one thing, that authentic spark that has been flickering in the distant benign of our very core. That spark, ladies and gentlemen is the reason as to why we are alive today. It is our true passion, our true calling...and we are not greater than it. We need to be true to it, and fan it aflmae.

We already mentioned earlier that Life Signatures have two facets: What you have control over, and what you have no control over. Ours is to stop worrying on what is happening in the iDimension and focus our energies on fanning our spark. At times it seems boring, tiring and frustrating, but we have got to remain faithful. And of course there is that small matter of 'life not making sense at all' even as we fan our sparks. Today, you might be in a painful or even an embarrassing life situation. Make sure that that small 'punctuation' does not define your view of life. Instead, let that punctuation make your Life Signature appear human, and believable. If you look at the life through the glasses of the 'punctuations', you risk neglecting the vision and belittling the spark.
Today you could be stuck in an embarrassing moment, tomorrow you could be dining with CEOs and first ladies. That is Life. Being faithful to the spark is by a large margin also a function of our mentality. This means that in the wake of the 'punctuations', your mental accent and affirmations is that 'all is well...all will be well, and in the end, I will not regret'.

Some of my readers have no clue that at times I felt like giving up writing this Life Signatures business altogether. You  have no clue that at some point in time, there was no laptop, let alone internet connection. I could literally save coins to access an Internet Cafe to do a post. You see, for me, one of the things that is sparkling in my life is this blog. I have learnt to be tenacious and faithful to that spark...even if at times am not sure anybody would read it. Yet let me tell you one thing, there are no less than three books on Life Signatures on this I stay faithful to this spark. Do not be surprised if the title of this post is a book few months from now...and that my friends, is the fruit of remaining faithful to the spark. Does this make sense to anybody?

PS: There was also this other time that I had to deliver a Keynote speech to a distinguished group of people. My punctuation at the time was such that I had no food in my house to feed me and my wife, let alone fuel to put in the car...but that story if for another day.

Stay faithful to the spark, wont you?

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  1. Great read as always..
    Keep fanning that spark.. It's illuminating on a reader's life... You have an ardent reader here and you've been a blessing.. So whether you have a follow up of multitudes or not, you can be rest assured that if one reads it, it's fulfilled it's purpose...

    God bless you Lawrence


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