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"Feedback is Breakfast for Champions"~Quote
Tests, tests, tests! So negative attitudes to tests are that whenever I hear that word...especially if I am unprepared I cringe. I do not know about you. May the person who loves tests raise their hands up? Did I see a hand? Only cheeky boys would, and I was always one of them. You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, someone said that a life not examined is not worth living! I agree.

Let me ask you a question: When is the last time you had some kind of test? Ever attended a HIV screening in full knowledge of your 'unpreparedness'? Scary, right? Very. Yet it is better that we are tested to know our status. Tests give results. Results when KNOWN and ACCEPTED provide a better dimension of life to take. You see, "it is better to work hard in the light, the full light of WHO we are, than to work hard groping in the dark!"  
I heard this line as I was watching 'Hell's Gates and Heaven's Flames', "if you sleep around, your wife might not know...after all, what your wife does not know cannot hurt her"! Hmmm. Sounds very philosophical...yet the problem is ...YOU WILL KNOW. Most people do not want to know...ok, maybe they do but are not sure how comfortable the knowing will be. So they keep in the 'secluded safe middle', that assures them of safety from not knowing. It's called fear. Fear of the truth...fear of failure. Let me let you in on a little secret. What you are afraid of...normally, eventually...happens. What to do? Face it EARLY as possible.

I have always said this and I will say it again: My greatest revivals in life have come through miserable failure. Some motivational guy has even said that failure is the ingredrient of success! I agree. And If you agree with me, you will know that it is vital for Life Signatures that you are examined again and again. The most beautiful examination is the one you give yourself...but that is for another discussion on another occassion.

Close to a year back, a former colleague suddenly passed on. Left behind a young wife and two beautiful kids who were barely ten. Post mortem: He had a blood clot in the head. Reason: He hit his head on a wall some time back..recovered and forgot about it. Verdict: If he had done routine medical check ups, that clot would have been detected. Blame the devil? Well...better yet, let us not play blame games here, they are too late to salvage anything. 

My own kid bro years back was diagonised with Chronic Kidney failure. Chronic in medical terms means that it took time IN THE BACKGROUND to develop. Ladies and gentlemen, that is critical for Life Signatures. Do you know what is taking place in the background of your life right now? Do you have any Idea on what is silently rotting away your potential? you? Just how would you know if you did not get...well...tested? Fortunately, there are signs daily that show us that something is amiss. They indicate the silent epidemic that rusts out our Life Purpose, our Mission and Values in life, chocking the very potential we were created with. Key of them is unhappiness. Others include: an unfulfilled life; Inferiority; Lack of passion; Endless watching of Jack Baeur on TV 'to kill time'; Inconsistencies; Many starts no finishes; Stagnation; Being Fearful; Lack of Vision/Mission Statement; Lack of budgets; Lack of Dreaming; Gossiping; Slandering; Dishonest gain; Working like an elephant while eating like an ant; Over eating to reduce stress; Stress; The blame game...let's blame the government...the police...let's blame everyone and anyone save one person...thyself. These and more are signs that sometheing is wrong somewhere in the roots.

Anyway, I was not gonna talk about those today. I just needed to focus on one thing here. Sometimes when we take tests, we have a pre-concieved Idea on what our results should be. I have just taken one test today that gauges my THINKING and DECISION MAKING PATTERNS. According to Jay Niblic in 'What's Your Genius' there are three kinds of decicion making levels:
  • The Head: Strategic and Structural Thinking. The world is a problem to be understood and not solved. (I really loved this one...and as I took the test I honestly DESIRED and hoped that I would have this natural talent.
  • The Hand: Looks at things from practical, real-world, result oriented perspective. The world is an objective waiting to be achieved. (I love this one too, but not as much as the first one)
  • The Heart: Looks at a situation from a humanistic, personal perspective. (I personally cannot function without this. I am the Hearts guy. So I KNEW that I would test POSITIVE on this one)

All of us have Masters and Blind Spots to all the three natural thinking and decision-making talents. Some people have Masters in ALL of those three dimensions (I Personally craved to be one of them!) Let me explain something. The blind spots do not indicate incapability in that natural talent. They simply indicate that that area is less developed. They also say that when push comes to shove, we would most probably struggle in operating the functions that are dependant on our blind spots.

So I was eternally shocked, (like a long lost friend of mine AnneMarie Kakyo normally says: Shock on your eternal soul!) to find out that well, I AM BLIND IN THE HEAD. OK now would you stop that laughter? It does not mean that I am dumb...but heck even if I were, I am still convinced I have a Life Signature. (Mental note here: Need to do a post titled, 'The Correct Way to Say I am DUMB'). Being blind in the head just means that when it comes to big picture thinking, strategic planning and all, I would do those functions CONSCIOUSLY. Meaning that I would not depend on my genius or natural talent.

So what to do? Grieve that I am not Balanced? is that gonna help anybody. I have learnt to celebrate and focus more on what I HAVE rather than cry over what I DO NOT HAVE. Somebody said, "Quit fixing what God left out and instead work with what God put in". One thing is for sure though: There is NO ONE...Nobody on earth that lacks all the three natural thinkig talents. Nobody. Especially you who is reading today. Just know this. You are not perfect, but even in your imperfection, if you could FOCUS sharply on your MASTERS, soon enough, you will be building a Legacy for years to come.

What tests have you taken of late? What tests are you taking periodically? What is your average score? Are you on course? How would you know without a test? Over to you. Love them tests.

Oh by the way, Lawrence is HIV- (Negative). "Well how do you know that"? You may ask. Simple, I got  tested, and now I know!

This is one of those blog posts that is not entirely my brain child. Enough credit goes to Jay Niblic, Author of 'What's Your Genius'. I am privileged to feature him here since his work is extremely relevant to Life Signatures. Check out his website:

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