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Forget about the latest technology in TV and games. Forget about 3-D, and HD, there is a new kid in town...but wait. This kid has always been around. A wise man said, there is nothing new under the sun. Very true.With latest advances in technology, sometimes our undoing is ignoring the fundamental and rushing after the spectacular and the 'on vogue'.

There is something extremely critical in Life Signatures. You see, Life in itself is so vast that not even the latest technology can give you an all-rounded view of the nitty gritty details. Someone developed a concept called 'the butterfly effect' which says that the flapping of a butterfly's wings some place in Japan affects the weather patterns in America. I agree. Yet even that powerful phenomenon is nothing compared to the iDimension. Let's face it, Life Signatures for the MOST part depends on a human being 'showing up', and the iDimension 'closing up' to bring the puzzle full-circle.

Before we can talk about the iDimension, let us talk about 'Control'...For some reason, safety in life is derived from the ability to control most things around us. We tend to want to have a grip on everything. Life Coaches will tell you to get a grip on every area of your life...Mental, Physical, Social, Financial, Business and Lifestyle. I have come to learn however that you can never have control over stuff as much as its conception, existence it and success is not fully dependant upon you. Think about it this way...if I had full control of my finances (especially the income)...will I need to set financial goals? Why Am I setting them goals in the first place? Simple. I have no FULL DIMENSIONAL VIEW of the HOW...and sometimes the WHEN. All I know at the moment is the WHAT and the WHY!

Friend, the biggest reason as to why people do not design their Life Signatures is that small aspect of Control. Most people having know that they have no control over something, would rather leave it alone.  That my friend, is sometimes one of our greatest undoing-failing to do our part. Just because we do not understand the full view of how things will work out does not mean we should shun it. You have heard that old advice in Investments: "Do not invest in what you do not understand." Well that goes a long way. However in terms of Life Signatures, I would say this: "Do your part and TRUST the rest to the iDimension".

I am learning that the ultimate way to Life Signatures is to Surrender. Let the nitty gritty sort itself out. In fact, the key word here is TRUST. Ever seen a control freak? They are a total mess! They are less creative, and if anything, they stiffle creativity and growth for that matter. The ever wanting to be totally involved in everything, to be well acquainted with all the processes is to say the least the worst thing in pursuit of Life Signatures.

So what is the iDimension? Glad you asked...more glad that you have read this far! This is the most powerful aspect of our Life on Earth that is close to the divine. Why? Simple..the divine set it up in the first place! It might not be the divine itself...but it borders the infinite. The iDimension is not a substitute of the Divine, but a powerful collaborator between the finite and the Infinite.

The iDimension is the deeper and bigger portion of the iceberg that is not seen with the naked eye. The iDimension refers to the Invisible, Infinite possibilities, always available to those who will do their part and trust the iDimension (process) to finish its work. It never goes wrong. It always will work with what has been offered. The iDimension is that which you and I have no grip on. It is the invisible mechanics that materializes our dreams and desires.When a soul sets out to do something, it this the iDimension-that part that sees and knows and controls the unseen in terms of people, events, locations, connections of dots et all that ultimately materializes the desire.

When a seed is sown, it is the iDimension that takes over behind the scenes to bring that seed to germination. The tendency to want to know WHAT the iDimension is doing and HOW it is doing it is what causes many dreams to be aborted. It causes many seeds to be dug out of the ground. Here is one of the most uncomfortable thing about the iDimension: TIME. It takes time to gestate. It takes time to mature. It takes time to germinate and to grow.

Know this however, that if the sower does not sow, there is nothing the iDimension can work with. It is a collaborator, remember.  Ever heard this statement, "I have no idea what happened." Well, it is because by nature we have no access to the full mechanics of processes. My challenge today: Do your part, let the process have something to work with. Trust the process to bring the desires. Patience and trust are key. Have an iDimensional day, wont you?

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