Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Watch out when he has his heart set on something...he is unstoppable". You have probably heard that statement several times. As I was reviewing this and that of my blog yesterday, I got very interesting information. One of the most referring websites to Life Signatures is a blogspot by non other than Winnie Thuku, author of the book 'Broken to be made Whole'

Winnie's is not doubt a Life Signature story that depicts beauty for ashes. I met Winnie some months back in Nairobi as she was preparing to get married. Her book was already out and I got myself and copy. Now, I had never met Winnie before in all my life...and this is the beauty of the 'HEART'. It is even more interesting that Winnie's Blog is Titled 'Echoes of my Heart', a topic that I have intended to write about for quite some days now.

You see, Life Signatures can never be manifisted without the heart energy. Words such as zeal, ferver, passion, on fire, in the zone, anointed, unction, peak performance are mostly related to the heart and not the mind. Of course silent revolutions are normally fired by change of mind...or some awareness. Mighty turn-arounds are on the other hand fueled by the heart energy. The paradox of it all is that you can never be forced to have heart energy. For the most part, pure heart energy is normally innate, coming to each individual naturally.

That is why as I find it ridiculous for people, for example,  to hunt down crocodiles and when they catch one, they exclaim  'oh, the's a beauty!!!' It could be weird to me, but who cares? Their day has been made. Something inside of them propels them to do this, something deep inside of me SHUDDERS and cringes at that kind of a lifestyle.

In 2012, the most fulfilled individuals will be those whose HEARTS ARE SET on something. I have found out that a heartset for the most part is normally one single thing. The rest of the stuff normally revolve around it. It is seldom a host of many pursuits...it is normally one passion. Of such, Martin Luther said "If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, He is not really fit to live". Whenever you see a man/woman go about their passion with all their heart, things happen. People watch. People take note. People want to join in. Tears flow. Lives are changed. Legacies are painted. My challenge to the reader today is a question: What is the condition of your heart? What is your heart set on?

The inevitable thing with passionate people is that for some reason, their heartbeat will resonate with someone else of like passions. It makes no difference where they are, how educated or uneducated they may be. Heartsets normally echo globally to men of like passions and soon enough they hook up. Several months back, I was in a bookshop doing some research. I came across a Ugandan writer's book "After University, What next?" For some reason, my heart bet with so much longing for Ambrose Mukiibi's audience. I must have forgetten all about it.

You will not believe what happened at the beginnig of 2012. I had been invited as one of the facilitators of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Guess what? The person seated right left of me (Excuse the English) was none other than Mr. Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi himself in the flesh. To crown the whole thing up, I had to dash back to Kampala from this Gulu Seminar the same day...and Ambrose had the same need. I ended up driving Mr. Ambrose all the way from Gulu to Kampala-5Hours of a fulfilled heartset! Beat that!!

You see, you gotta set your heart on fire. You gotta have a longing that makes you cry "Oh..that it will come to pass". Like this preacher who used to pray, "God give me a soul or I die!"...or the other who said, "I put myself on fire, and the people come to watch me burn!" When your heart it set for whatever it is in 2012, I can guarantee you that the people that matter will hear its echo and you will be in business. But oh what a pity if your heart was empty with no passion, focus, zeal for anything?

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