Monday, September 26, 2011


It is said that food is an emotional subject to men. Being a man, I tend to agree. I remember few years back in High School (yes few years back, i am not that old, thank you very much), we used to eat a loaf of bread at least once a week.

There was this old boy in school who had really looked forward to that day-a Wednesday, so much so that he kept staring through the window as our terse Swahili teacher was ranting on. What followed made me laugh so hard I lost my breath. The Swahili teacher, as punishment, had this old boy to trail the truck that had just zoomed in with our loaves. I assure you that was a funny sight, seeing a boy frantically doing a marathon, with a truck full of loaves as a pace-setter.

Food is an emotional subject I tell you. Even in the Bible, food always was. A certain leader came face to face with a group of about one Million men chanting, "We want food", "We want food!", "We want food!", "We want food!" ...and of course when Jesus Christ miraculously fed people, they did a census and counted....wait for it...MEN.

There have been a couple of times in my BB days (Before Beth) where I literally wept over my quickly assembled excuse of a meal on my plate. There was a day some time back when the only food I had was a huge lump of Posho (Ugali) and an egg...and the bad news was that I was the cook.

Not that I could not craft a meal with that combination...its just that as fate would have it, the egg paste spilt over to the ground before I could fry it. That was a perfect crying moment. Whether I cried or not....I am not gonna tell you.

I know at this point in time, Ngina Otiende, a good friend of mine who is reading is now wondering....where in the world is this guy going with this? This blog post is hardly about food to begin with, so let me navigate away from that emotional subject as fast as the old boy run after the truck-load of loaves!

The Ideal. The perfect we normally have those to work with? In 'My Jog To Success', I had a hitch the other day. I went out on an empty stomach...not by design, but by default. I have never felt so weak, helpless and on the verge of crying as I kept the jog on. If you read the previous post, that was a standing ovation moment for me. Initially, I could do my circuits with so much comfort in just about 31 minutes. This time round, I hassled and trudged on for quite longer-36 minutes, and by the time I was back, I was in a horrible shape.

You would think that I was not any bit pleased with myself, but you will be definitely wrong. I have never been so proud of this old boy. I came out with this lesson: that as much as there is something I ought to do, I must act upon it immediately with only what I have at hand, and keep going. I have learnt over the years that the feelings, emotions and many other things that we always wait for before we get started will most definitely catch up as we go.

That is it. I have learnt that the more I wait for the ideal and perfect condition to do something, the more it is delayed. However, through my jogging experience, I learnt a great lesson. That even as I go out there and jog on 'an empty stomach', it shows that I am still in the game.

The time will come sooner than later when I will be in the best fit to tackle my mountains. Guess what? As I had been going out there with the less than perfect conditions, I have actually been preparing myself for the real deal. When the real deal comes, I will only be increasing or improving my momentum.

So, there are books to be written. There are websites to be launched. There are numerous ideas to be implemented. There is a husband to marry...and there is a wife to marry. There are children to be born, and there are friends to be made. There are jobs to be quat (excuse the broken language), and there are relationships to severe.

Virtually everybody out there today as sure as the sun will go out and come back, has something to do, to start...but guess what? I bet you that as sure as your nose on your face, the Ideal condition for getting started is  not there. What are you going to do? Keep waiting? That is an option. Go for it with limited Ideas and resources...that to me is a better option.

I will tell you this, that going for it with no resources or limited resources is in itself seeking out the 'best fit'. As you go...I assure you that it will not necessarily be easy. It will be tough. However it is worth going for it than waiting for the time of best fit. That time seldom comes, and when it does, things have moved so much so that the perfect or Ideal has to evolve to catch up.

On doing a personal introspection, I have been reflecting... How many times do I sit around waiting for the perfect moment to do something? How many times do I wait for the ideal moment to launch something?

Could there be a difference when I get started with limited or no resources as compared to when I sit down and wait for the perfect moment? What are those things on hold in my life? What are those things that are 'pending' in my endeavors? Wait a minute...For how MANY YEARS have those things been pending in the first place? The answer to this last question when candid will shock many people to action.

Ladies and Gentlemen...the Ideal is seldom with us at the start. You know why? It is because at the start we will always never have the exact enough information and resources we need. No, the Ideal is never waited for, but the Ideal is always attracted and pursued with our deliberate efforts to 'go for it' with the limited resources that we have.

Have a foodious day, wont you?

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