Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I recently heard a very popular stand up comedian in Uganda aptly expound on the 'acronyms' of the President Of the United States names. According to Pablo, O.B.A.M.A means Original Black African Managing America. Then he added later on almost like an after thought that B.A.R.A.C.K means Born African, Raised American, Completely Kenyan! It goes without saying that the audience was left in stitches.
Barack of course had to overcome a Maverick called John McCain who likes calling everyone 'my friends', to ascend to power. One of John McCain's major detracting punches against Obama was that he was young, inexperienced and not able to take the reins of leadership.

Of the recent past, the young generation has been up in arms against the above slogan. We are basically saying that the time to lead is now...and we are tired of the 'old guard' sticking up and not willing to relinquish power. This is a controversial post, someone had to write about this anyway. There are different angles that I could take with this post. I could passionately and vehemently argue against the old guard and say that they are greedy...self centered and corrupted by power (Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely). I could argue that the old guard have failed to MENTOR the new generation to take the reins of leadership. I could also argue for the old guard by saying that the young leaders cannot be trusted...they are still green between the ears. McCain did not go far with that kind of argument.

Anyway, why do you think that state of affairs continues unabated in many quarters? Let me clarify. This is not a political column. This is a Personal Development and Personal Potential Unleashing blog. That being the case, I have observed that the reason as to why we are always talked of as 'leaders of tomorrow' is because we are YET TO MASTER OURSELVES. What do you mean by that? Simple. We still have ISSUES. The 'old guard' are looking around their shoulders to 'pass on the baton' and what do they see? 

They see us grappling with our own lives. We do not have personal Missions. We do not have Focus. We are grappling with our Personal Finances...yet they need to entrust us with National Finances. We are unruly and In-congruent. We are passionate yes, but not strategic, at least at the personal level. We hardly believe in ourselves. We are not daily working on improving ourselves. Instead, we want leadership handed down to us. In our thinking we figure that the true life will come when the old guard 'give' us the chance to lead. We have numerous Ideas that still to date go un-followed up, unimplemented. We spend our 'Salaries' on fast foods and drink the nights away. We spend our days in godless, fruitless chatter about our silly conquests of the opposite sex. We have no personal financial plans. We have no mentors or at least we do not seek to be mentored. We die in installments by procrastinating. We channel out half baked results in the smallest of assignments we are given. Leaders of tomorrow we are...and leaders of tomorrow we always will be...UNLESS....

A smart individual reading this peace will realize that I am not addressing politics here. This is the third disclaimer. I am addressing individual progress. The Old Guard depict your status quo. Career. Profession. Relationships. Finances. Business. All these guys might be looking at you and saying....'you are not ready yet...you are still green between the ears'. The greatest question to ask them is this...are their assessments correct? This is a Selah Moment.

Are the 'young Turks' ready to take the 'leadership reins'? I ask myself that question. The old guard say that I am in-congruent...is that assessment true? They say that I have no personal mission. Is it true? They say that I have passion yes, but I lack commitment and drive and that I am not strategic. Are they speaking the truth? 
What kind of leader Am I really? My guess is that Unless I rise up to address what the old guard are saying about me, about them clinging on power and never wanting to relinquish the reins of leadership....I will always be the Leader of Tomorrow. And when is this tomorrow....tomorrow always will be an eternal mirage.

No, I have to rise up and prove through Personal Leadership, Discipline, Focus, Drive and Strategy that Yes! I am young but prepared and ready. I need not to wave placards and chant in the streets for leadership to be relinquished. I need to be so thorough with myself first to the extend that the old guard will willingly vacate their lofty positions since they have identified 'POTENTIAL' not only to take over but also to do much better than they are doing.
Ladies and Gentlemen...John McCain told Obama off in a Presidential debate, insisting that he was green between the ears. My question today is this....what is your John McCain saying about you? Better yet...What are you gonna do about what your John McCain is saying? Are you tomorrow's Leader? SELAH! (Stop and Think About It)

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