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Tony Robbins is a movement in the Personal Development and Human Potential Industries, no doubt. One of his most quoted quotes is "Success Leaves Clues". He speaks of the premise that the people who have made it are happy to Tell Their Stories. That is why you will find books written by such people as Robbins himself, Jack Canefield, Yoweri Museveni and so on. In fact, of late, I have been teaching and speaking passionately on the Subject of Personal Branding. I normally tell people to brand themselves in regard to where they are coming from (what they have done and achieved), and in regard to where they are going (Their passion). This branding is normally in form of stories. This is how you leave clues. There are many people out there looking for clues. In fact it is my belief that with the information age, the question that is most asked on Google starts with "HOW?".

I am an ardent believer that the easiest way to succeed is to link up with these clues that have been left behind. For example, If my passion is public speaking, the easiest way to develop this passion is through linking up with a Public Speaking Trainer. Better yet, I can attend motivational speaking events and for one hour or so, 'apprentice' myself with the motivating speaker. Mark how he moves, mark his intonations, mark his format and then go and use what I have seen as a benchmark to improving my passion.

Those staying in East Africa will be aware of Tusker Project Fame. This is a project that is geared towards unearthing East Africa's raw musical talents. At the onset of auditions, you can laugh your ribs off when people ladden with so much passion courageously show up for auditions. From people with crazy costumes (trying to duplicate Michael Jackson), to others trying to sing exactly like Lucky Dube, there is no question about the passion that is exuded by them.However, turning passion into a strength takes a process of development, mostly through 'linking up'. 

Today's message is about 'linking up' your personal life. You see, in my interactions with people, I have come to realize that the biggest trouble they have is not necessarily lack of money. The biggest trouble people have is that they are not LINKED UP IN THEMSELVES. What does this mean? Simple. Pursuant to the last post, our greatest achievements come in small degrees albeit 'linked up'. I have always looked at one's life from eight angles: Family, Relationships, Spiritual, Business, Mental, Finances, Lifestyle, and Health. 
When you meet someone who is having trouble, definitely their main area of focus is always their finances. However, in solving someone's trouble (especially for the long run), you will realize that focusing just on Finances could be a major miss. They say show a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

Normally, I give such a one an 'assessment' that determines their level of performance in each of the eight areas of life. What we normally find out is a state of INCOMPATIBILITY. They are not congruent. My advice to them is normally simple. Take some time and focus on your Congruency. Yes, you need finances right now. However, did you know that your next break in financial windfall could be through RELATIONSHIPS? What are you doing about your relationships? Better yet, what are you doing about your BUSINESS? Business here includes professional careers. The problem with focusing on solving the 'now' burning issue is that we create mirages. What we actually do is band-aiding. As long as we remain in-congruent, today's financial trouble will most definitely show up same time next year...bigger and better as sure as inflation goes up yearly!

Like we stated on the One Degree Change, a small tweak here and there in focus to your eight areas of life will be what will give you congruency and success.Believe it or not, we all operate through all the eight spheres of life that I have outlined. It is our continual daily focus on these eight areas of life that will ultimately give us BALANCE. Of course this is in assumption that a Visionary already knows his or her calling in life and is in constant state of pursuit and alignment to see that vision or calling a reality.

My challenge to people today is to take time and assess yourself. Gauge to know how you are faring on. If your finances are not in place as they should be, maybe your family and relationship spheres have been neglected. Maybe your business sphere has been neglected. Maybe your health sphere has been neglected. You see it is all about being LINKED UP.
So, are you linked up? Will you take the challenge today and seek some 'balance' in your life?

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