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When you start talking about God...only eternity will give you enough time to exhaust what it is that you are talking about Him. Mine is a finite mind, only seeing what is around me. His is an Infinite mind, not limited by two dimensional thinking, or even 3D and 4D. God's mind is INFINITE and unexplainable. You probably have heard SM Lockridge try to explain God...I will be posting that clip right here later on on this subject. In a nutshell, God ni mnoma (that's Swahili Slang for God is awesome!)

If you are smart enough, you will notice that the subject at hand is Goal Setting. It dawned on me some days back that God Almighty sets Goals. 

That God Almighty has great belief. That he COMMUNICATES, verbalizes His intentions long before they are achieved. That He exercises tremendous faith and patience. That He sees through his intentions (Goals). 

We saw in the second post that God in His wisdom and power and awesomeness created Seasons and times, and that He works miracles. We have seen that for the most part, the miracle is in the seeds. In a nutshell, God is awesome.

The very first time you encounter God a picture is painted. A picture of nothingness, void-ness. One person has called that state a soup of nothingness! Friend, that is where you need to stand when setting goals. You rise up and you see your soup of nothingness as far as your relationships, family, finances, fitness, lifestyle and others are concerned. God saw that soup but that was not it all. It says in His word that His Spirit brooded over the surface of the deep.

In other words, you need to acknowledge your current state. Then God started SPEAKING! Let there be, and there was! And so in a day, the earth was created from that soup of nothingness. In a day, the galaxies were made. In a day the vegetation was made. In a day, all the animals were made. In a day, time was created. In a day [MAN] was created. 

Asides: Come to think of it, as vast as the expanse, the skies and the waters are, God made them in one day. That is just about the same time God took creating a man!! Wow...that should tell you something, but I digress.In a nutshell, God ni mnoma, and God is a goal setter.

One of the distinguishing facets of a successful Goal Setter is that one bit called ACTION. We saw last time that Goal setting Doesn't work-you work. For the first time we hear or read about God, He is in constant RELENTLESS action. He is taking MASSIVE ACTION on the things that He decided to CREATE. 

Creation never takes place without ACTION. Some people have wonderful Ideas crossing their minds...and they never take action. Then later on, they see their ideas on the shelves of supermarkets cheaply implemented, and they say that their Idea was stolen. No, it was not stolen. YOU did not ACT!

God is a goal setter, and even Him in His awesomeness, He takes Action to see his desires come to pass. That is the gist of this post today: that you stand at the thresh hold of your soup of nothingness, let your mind brood over it, not in form of complaints and fear, but in bold creative thoughts of making things beautiful. Then take action necessary to replace your soup of nothingness with beautiful creation of your own.

Instead of sitting there and praying for miracles, go a step ahead and be SPECIFIC on what you want, then take some ACTION. Faith without Action is DEAD. Make that phone call, write that blog post, get the space on TV, newspaper, buy that book, take him/her out, write the CV (there are some people who are jobless right now yet they can't spend time refining and making their CV look cute. If you think I am wrong, just be part of an interviewing panel somewhere and you will bail me out). In a nutshell, DREAM and ACT, just like God did and God does.

This thought continues on the next post. Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for all the birthday wishes. I really appreciate.

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