Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We are told by Personal Development gurus that creation is done twice. That anything that is was before it is. That is perfectly true. The house I am living in, someone SAW it, before it PHYSICALLY became. Someone else put down what the visionary saw into BLUE PRINTS. Then someone else was tasked with bringing the blue prints into a physical entity. My house was created in a visionary’s mind, and then finally it was manifested on the earth. Everything around me was created twice. Come to think of it, is there anything around you that was not designed? And if it was designed, was it not envisioned?
I have been in this season talking about mentoring. My focus has been pretty much from the point of view of a Parent Mentoring a child. I have wondered here loudly on whom amongst our generation has been mentored by their parents. Mentored specifically for success, for greatness, for wealth creation, and for significance. Is there anyone out there that I could link up with that was really mentored by your parent or guardian? I crave your input in this season.
One major and powerful aspect of mentoring is SEEING. Seeing what is before it becomes. Seeing can be a sharp and focused SPECIFIC, or it could be a ZONAL placement. An apt example is this: in the month of June 2011, I will meet my son…yes, my very own son, whom we have chosen to call Ethan. Ethan was such a wise man that to quantify and explain Solomon’s wisdom, it was said that ‘Solomon was Wiser than Ethan’. Now that is a SPECIFIC vision that I have for my son. I see him as wise. Ethan is also a Psalmist, and a member of a choir and band, according to his original name. That again is a meaningful SPECIFIC. Zonal placement on the other hand is SEEING your child as a great generality. A champion, a great man, a great leader, a great world changer and so on. This second type of SEEING will of course by realized by them becoming a MEANINGFUL SPECIFIC.
So SEEING is the first step in mentoring. By the way, that is why I would never encourage you to ‘judge a book by its cover’. You have no idea what one is becoming. It might never be reflected in the material and empirical items that meet your eyes now. SEEING is dynamite! It is powerful! When I have that sight, either SPECIFICALLY or ZONALLY, I then start operating in my words, actions and deeds from that reference, or from that vision. So I communicate to Ethan knowing that he is a wise psalmist, or a champion, or a leader although you might not be seeing it physically. Remember how the battle between David and Goliath went? David SAW the giant down, and so his actions and speech followed his vision.
In actuality, mentoring our children is not a 100 meter sprint. It is a long haul marathon. We mentor them UNTIL. Until the vision we have or saw comes to fruition. Disclaimer: you will not place a burden on your child to become who you selfishly want them to become, but you will allow them to be great in whatever noble endeavor that they are gifted to become. You do this UNTIL greatness, success, wealth and significance is the inheritance.
Moses was told to lift his hands up as Joshua fought. Whenever his hands were up, Joshua and his armies were winning. Whenever his hands were down due to tiredness, Joshua would be losing. So Moses had his leaders design a method, a SYSTEM that would not allow Moses to lower his hands, UNTIL he won.
On another occasion, Joshua raised his spear and held it against AI, and did not withdraw his spear UNTIL all his foes were vanquished. What vision do you have for your child? Better yet, what vision do you have for yourself? It is time to STAND and raise the spear and let it be known that you are STANDING. You are enforcing the SECOND CREATION of your vision. You choose to be relentless, STANDING UNTIL what you have SEEN becomes a PHYSICAL REALITY. Truth is, you would rather take your child aside and tell him how great a champion he is rather than let him watch Johnny Bravo the whole day. Your child will become exactly the same as who it is that is mentoring her. So is it Johnny Bravo? Is it Jerry Springer? Is it the Internet? Or is it yourself? The choice is yours, whether right or left the fruits are a sure reflection of the roots!

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