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If life was a map, what would be your compass? Well, this question might not make much sense to you unless you understand the purpose of a Compass. Back in High School, I joined a Club called the President's Award Scheme. This is a National Challenge Award to the young people  aged between 15 and 25 years of age.The purpose of the award is to encourage young people to set and achieve a demanding challenge for themselves in each of four different areas of activity such as Community Involvement,Personal Skill,Physical Recreation, or Venture Activity.
Map and Magnetic Compass
 For the Venture Activity, a group would be dropped in some obscure spot in say a forest, given some time to rendezvous with the assessors at a particular point B. Those two points were well marked on the Map.

Our biggest navigational system was the Silva Compass. Remember, we had never been at that location in all our lives. I assure you that without that compass, there is absolutely no way (apart from guesswork) that we would arrive at point B and on time.
When you throw in that aspect of TIME, the whole equation really changes. If time was not a problem, am sure we would have lots of fun trying to guess what point B would be, but then that is where the problem starts. Each person in the group would have their own IDEA on what Point B is. The ramifications of Cholerics, Melancholics, Phlegmatics, Sanguines and those of us who are a mixture of all those groups trying to agree on point B would need another Blog to tell. And even if we remotely came to a concensus, pray tell me, how would we know that we have arrived at Point B?

Long story short, if this life was a map, our Life Signatures are the Silva Compass that we need for navigation. There is nothing as exciting as knowing where you are going and most importantly, knowing why you are going there. Again, the WHY of doing something is a great motivational force. People living their signatures are the most creative, enthusiastic and energetic you would meet. A certain preacher once said, "I set myself on fire, and people come to watch me burn!". That cannot be said of individuals who are not living their purposes can it?

People living (existing) daily without the knowledge of their WHY are not as productive as should be...they are those who Dr. Myles Munroe says die full! I remember working some few years back as a Data Analyst. This job was so demanding.

I needed to know the status of everything at all times, needed to give feedback to people in the office, in the field, as well as to the client. There are those hectic days that I would get off my desk in a major rush going to run errands...only to get stuck half way through where I was going, having totally forgotten WHERE i was going and WHY.

This is because I was doing many things at the same time. Sometimes life feels that way. The problem of not having a Life Signature is lack of productivity, and sometimes paralysis. The way they tame the great lions in Kenya is by use of a four legged stool. When a warden shows this to a lion, the primate has the urge to attack all the four points of the stool at once, thus being totally paralyzed.

If a man or woman has not Identified their Life Purpose on earth, pray tell will they say together with Paul the Apostle "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith?"

Will they enjoy the search to Point B? Do you think they have enough time to search out their destination? Do you think they will ENJOY the search in the first place?
Do you have your compass?


  1. In order to identify their life purpose individuals must go to their "Genesis", to the begining and ask the Creator. He knows why you came to this planet. Ask Him and He shall answer. After that make sure you get out of your confort zone and dig a deep enopugh foundation before you build your sky scraper/success. Than enjoy the view but make sure you put some lifts to bring others to the top. The Bible is the best Compass. Follow it to the dot and I assure you that you´ll get to the top and leave a signature behind. Shalom

  2. Wow Sandra!! Your comment is loaded with serious nuggets:
    -Going to the beginning, and asking questions;
    -Working out of the comfort zone;
    -Building a Foundation;
    -Building the Success;

    Now that's Legacy building right there!! Thanks so much for your contribution...I need to write these down myself.


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